Rapid City, SD School Board Elections Upset Incumbents

Partly triggered by an influx of political refugees from “Marxist states,” conservatives swept the school board elections for the 2nd largest government school district in South Dakota this week. 

An enthusiastic coalition of parents, grandparents, taxpayers, businesspeople, and Christians rallied around the American flag to win 4 out of 4 positions up for election on the 7-member School Board.  Displaying the American flag appeared to be a key element in these successful races. South Dakota Parents Involved in Education (SDPIE) President Florence Thompson, who was involved in the effort to unseat the incumbents, says the flag is “like kryptonite to the Liberals who were defeated.” She said some of the teachers in this district have been discouraging kids from saying the pledge of allegiance. Opposition to Critical Race Theory was another underlying theme in the School Board sweep, as was LGBT proselytizing.

SDPIE also reported that the local Republican Party awoke from their years of slumber discovering to their surprise that the current school board members were mostly registered Democrats. They began to weigh-in, joining the old warriors of the Tea Party movement, SDPIE, South Dakota Citizens for Liberty, Family Heritage Alliance Action and the homeschooling network. This collaboration was fundamental to the success of the election upset, which unseated even the Board’s president.

Racism was an underlying theme for the Liberal incumbents defending their seats as they sought to place more Native Americans on the Board who previously held 1 of 7 seats on the Board.  Ironically, one of the newly elected Conservatives has a Native American background but chooses not to exploit it.  As we have all become too far familiar, “color,” to the Left, is a political pigmentation not an actual characteristic.

Fresh from their School Board victory, many are talking about targeting the City Council.  Some City Council meetings have been drawing crowds of over 200, which resulted in stopping the mask ordinance and stymieing Home Rule.

This news is just one amazing example of what is happening all over our country. Parents and taxpayers are organizing to take back their local school boards. This is an incredible phenomenon that has the possibility of saving our nation from the attempt to overthrow our Constitutional Republic through the indoctrination of children. USPIE sees this as a silver lining in the recent trials our country has faced and wishes to thank and support all parents and other activists (old or new) for their willingness to stand up against the Left and defend our Constitutional Republic.

Visit: www.uspie.org to join the movement to restore parental and local control of education.

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