‘Leave parenting to parents’; USPIE president slams article directing parents to implement CRT at home

Parents across the country are outraged at a recent article encouraging “race-conscious parents” to avoid raising “racist children” by openly discussing “history through the prim of racism.” “We live at a time when racism is on the front page of every newspaper, from racial killings to white supremacist rallies,” the author explains. The article targeted “white parents” for evading conversations on race with their children, urging them to not allow their children to grow up in a “colorblind” world.

Concerned parents lashed back at the thoughtless article, with many incensed at the increased instruction to insert divisive ideology into homes.

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) Founder and President Sheri Few commented, “Onlookers need to leave parenting to  parents. It’s bad enough that schools are indoctrinating children with woke ideology such as critical race theory, but the fact that they are trying to insert this discordant philosophy into the homes of millions of Americans is absurd.

“Critical race theory teaches children to identify as either a victim or an abuser based solely on the color of their skin. This nefarious pedagogy is infecting American children on a mass scale, and if concerned citizens don’t make their voices heard and fight back, it might be too late!”

To better equip parents to stand up and make a difference on behalf of their children, USPIE recently released a groundbreaking documentary titled “Truth & Lies in American Education.” This feature film uncovers the horrors happening inside the American school system, including critical race theory, anti-American ideology, sexualization, and outright Marxism, and features interviews with educational experts such as Karen England, Alex Newman, Dr. Duke Pesta, Dr. Carol Swain, Sam Sorbo and more.

The film is a true story that follows Few’s own daughter-in-law, April, as she learns about the alarming liberal agenda throughout America’s school system. Viewers witness firsthand the toxic propaganda taught to children and the devastating effects.

“Our hope with this film is to force parents to wake up to the realities of the American school system,” Few said. “The liberal agenda is slowly sneaking into the homes of millions of Americans, and if parents aren’t prepared to stop it, will overturn the very makeup of the American family unit. We must protect children and fight back!”

The film addresses questions such as:

  • Are standardized tests being used for data collection?
  • Is there a federal education scheme to control the nation’s economy?
  • Why is the study of history so often anti-American and anti-Christian?
  • Are children being taught to become political activists?
  • What is the true aim of “comprehensive” sexuality education?
  • How much transgender influence is there in government schools?
  • What about critical race theory and the 1619 Project?

Truth & Lies in American Education” is available for streaming on SalemNOW, as well available on DVD. For more information about Truth & Lies in American Education,” click here.

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition that seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences. It is the vision of USPIE to create a culture where parents, empowered with the authority to choose what and how their children learn, are the undisputed primary educators of their children, where local schools operate in support of families, and where education is unencumbered by federal mandates.

New Year’s resolutions: USPIE president urges parents to take charge of their child’s education

As the world prepares for the start of a new year, many set resolutions to better themselves or their families in the year to come. Top resolutions often involve losing weight, spending less time on social media, or saving more money. For parents, however, United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) Founder and President Sheri Few encourages resolutions that will benefit their children rather than themselves.

“Many New Year’s resolutions focus on personal goals,” Few commented. “Personal betterment is great, but parents need to be aware of the extremely detrimental agenda permeating government schools and put their New Year’s motivation towards saving their children from being brainwashed by the liberal agenda. Today’s federal schools are riddled with explicit sexual content, anti-American sentiments and harmful pedagogies like critical race theory. Parents all across the country are waking up to the harsh realities of the federal school system but need to take action in order to save their children!”

USPIE’s latest film, Truth & Lies in American Education, reveals the shocking truth about America’s government school system. With testimonials from educational experts such as Karen England, Alex Newman, Dr. Duke Pesta, Dr. Carol Swain, Sam Sorbo, and others, Truth & Lies in American Education informs and equips parents with the tools necessary to fight for their God-given parental rights. The film follows Few’s own daughter-in-law, April, as she learns about the alarming liberal agenda throughout America’s school system. Driven by her own desire to safeguard her children, April Few makes the shocking discovery that the government education system — the one intended to educate America’s children — has been infiltrated with toxic propaganda.

“Now is the time to make the change for the betterment of American children,” Few said. “If you want to stop your children from experiencing the disasters of the American education system, there are things you can do! First, parents need to take their children out of the public school system — if the children are gone, so is the money, which will force the government to reexamine their policies. Second, parents must get involved in education at the local level and make their voices heard at school board meetings. If you pay your taxes, you have a right to have your voice heard!”

“Most importantly, we can never give up the fight! Parents across America need to take the start of the new year to recommit themselves to the betterment of their children and fight for the education they deserve. Our hope with Truth & Lies in American Education is to kickstart parents into action with the horrifying truth about the state of the American education system. It’s clear that children need to be protected from the nefarious agenda in place from the government.”

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Conservative School Board Training Alternatives

Elections were last week and school boards have been overturned all over the country. In Berkeley County, South Carolina parents flipped the school board. At their first meeting they voted to fire the Superintendent and the board attorney. They also had resolutions on the agenda to decrease the property tax, ban the teaching of critical race theory in any form, and to establish a committee to evaluate inappropriate sexual/pornographic content. They even did away with the chairs being 6 feet apart. USPIE considers this a huge win!

​​​​​​​Good, conservative school board candidates have been elected, but now they will be required to attend school board orientation and training that aims to indoctrinate them into believing they have no authority. 

USPIE is excited to share and recommends the following alternative trainings and associations:

1. Family Policy Foundation – School Board Academy (this training is Biblically-based)

2. National School Boards Leadership Council

3. School Board Training – The Heritage Foundation

Also, several states that withdrew from the National School Board Association have formed a new coalition: COSSBA- Consortium of State School Boards Associations.

USPIE has guides and resources on our website to help parents navigate and learn how their local school boards function! USPIE also provides templates for school board policy prohibiting Critical Race Theory. View Resources Here.

USPIE is thrilled to shine a light on Christians seeking to put God back in the American classroom. As an all-volunteer, grassroots organization, USPIE counts on your financial support to promote the newly released documentary Truth and Lies in American Education. Your contributions help USPIE gain more national attention as we fight to protect children and America’s freedom. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today and even consider a recurring donation to support this vital work.

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‘Wild Ride’ Begins With Court Clash Over 1st US Law to Ban Child Transgender Surgeries

When America’s first law banning “gender transition procedures” for minors was passed in Arkansas last year, it spawned a wave of similar legislation. But legislative proposals in a dozen other states withered on the vine, while the Arkansas law faced an immediate court challenge that temporarily blocked the law from taking effect in July 2021.

Since then, Alabama and Arizona moved forward and passed their own versions of the Arkansas act, while California took a 180-degree turn to counteract the bans. Last month, California became the nation’s first “sanctuary” state welcoming out-of-state youths who seek puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries.

And now, the Arkansas law, called the Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act, remains closely watched from all sides as it heads to trial in Little Rock starting Oct. 17. The outcome will determine how lawmakers and activists nationwide plan their next moves in the evolving controversy over medical intervention for transgender-identifying minors.

‘Necessary’ or ‘Experimental’?

U.S. District Court Judge James Moody Jr. must decide a case that pits the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against Arkansas officials who are defending the SAFE Act.

The ACLU contends that the SAFE Act unconstitutionally denies “medically necessary” treatments for youths suffering from gender dysphoria, which is persistent distress about one’s gender. In its lawsuit, the ACLU is representing four gender-dysphoric children, ages 9 to 16 at the time of the filing in May 2021, and two doctors who provide “gender-affirming care.”

The children’s parents described seeing marked improvements in attitude and reduced anxiety after counseling and, in some cases, treatments with hormones. The parents worry about what would happen to their children if the law were to take effect, requiring the treatment to abruptly stop.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge counters that the state is obligated to protect juveniles from “experimental” treatments that can permanently alter their still-developing bodies. She and other supporters of the SAFE Act say that long-term effects of the treatments remain unknown.

Multiple Appeals Likely

The case serves as the nation’s first test of the constitutionality of this type of law, Danielle Weatherby, an associate professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law, told The Epoch Times. Regardless of which way the judge rules, “this is just the beginning of a wild ride,” Weatherby said.

She predicts multiple appeals will follow, along with legislative proposals in a number of states.

From a legal standpoint, Moody’s decision will be considered a precedent only within the Eighth Circuit, a six-state federal court region that includes Arkansas. At least two Eighth Circuit states, Iowa and Missouri, had introduced bills resembling the SAFE Act. (The remaining states are Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.)

If the ACLU prevails and Moody strikes down the SAFE Act, “it will mean that any state that is in the Eighth Circuit will not be permitted to pass one of these laws,” Weatherby said. When Moody agreed to temporarily block Arkansas from implementing the SAFE Act, he was required to base that decision on a “reasonable likelihood” that the ACLU would prevail in its lawsuit.

Arkansas sought a reversal of Moody’s decision, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit upheld the preliminary injunction. Thus, Moody’s court and the appeals court both appear to have telegraphed that they’re leaning toward the ACLU’s contentions in the case.

But Moody is expected to have five long days of testimony to mull over, leaving open the possibility that he still may uphold the SAFE Act.

Court Disputes ‘Reversible’ Tag

On a personal level, Weatherby said she cares about the outcome of the case because she knows several transgender people and their families. “I know that firsthand, having worked with transgender children, they do not make this decision lightly,” to undergo gender-altering medical procedures, she said. “And I think that gets lost in the conversation.”

She also is aware of the debate over whether “gender-affirming care” is safe and effective. She said that’s a decision each family has to make, in consultation with doctors, and “do the best we could do with the knowledge we have, because these kids are suffering from certain fear, anxiety and depression.”

One atypical argument in favor of the SAFE Act relies on a British court ruling, as opposed to one in the United States.

“When there’s no precedent, we look elsewhere,” Weatherby said.

Rutledge, the attorney general, wrote, “The SAFE Act responds to widespread, growing international concerns” over body-altering medical treatments being performed on minors’ still-developing bodies. She noted that, a few months before the SAFE Act was approved, the high court in the United Kingdom “determined that children likely cannot ever understand the irreversible consequences of using puberty-blocking drugs as a transition procedure.”

The UK court also disputed assertions that puberty blockers’ effects are “fully reversible,” if the patient stops using the medications. Instead, the court found: “Missed development and experience, during adolescence, can never truly be recovered or ‘reversed.’”

In its initial complaint against Arkansas, the ACLU declared: “Puberty-delaying treatment is reversible.” But further down on the same page, the ACLU cites professional guidelines describing the “partly irreversible effects” of those prescriptions. Such conflicts arise because the science is unsettled, Arkansas officials have argued.

Odd Battle Lines Drawn

Another unusual aspect of the case: the unexpected mix of people on both sides. A  large number of medical organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have thrown their support behind the ACLU, along with other groups supporting civil rights and LGBT rights, plus 20 states, predominantly Democrat, as The Epoch Times reported in a previous story.

On the other side, backers of the SAFE Act include 19 mostly Republican-dominated states, along with a number of “detransitioners,” who say medical transitioning didn’t solve their problems—it just created more issues. Those people express regret over their gender-altering medications and surgeries.

Additional supporters of the SAFE Act include a handful of individual doctors, the conservative Family Research Council, and a nationwide feminist group, the Women’s Liberation Front.

The somewhat unexpected alliances within each camp show “what an anomaly this case is,” attorney Vernadette Broyles told The Epoch Times. Broyles, who holds a Harvard University law degree and an undergraduate biology degree from Yale University, is positioned as a rare authoritative voice when legal and medical battles intersect.

Conveyor Belt Approach?

Broyles and her team with the Child and Parental Rights Campaign filed a brief that shares stories of 10 families whom the SAFE Act would have protected.

The brief reveals a pattern.

Medical professionals often told the parents that “gender-affirming care” is essential—and without it, their gender-dysphoric children would likely kill themselves. Caregivers told Kristine W.: “Transgender identity is very trendy in the hospital setting right now.” They said she should ask her anorexic, bulimic child, “How can we help you with your gender identity?”

With little assessment or attempt at non-medical treatments, “a conveyor belt” whisks away young people into the treatment queues, as “one-page marketing materials gloss over the harms,” the brief said. The drugs often render the children infertile and cause numerous potential side effects, Broyles said, such as deteriorating bones and cardiovascular problems—without solid evidence that shows the risks are worth taking.

Studies are of low quality and are flawed in many other ways, she said. Sometimes, one parent gets shut out of the process. A father, Ted H., learned that his son was taking “gender-affirming treatments” only after his health insurer sent a statement showing payment rendered to an endocrinologist at a gender clinic: $210,000, the brief said.

Rank-and-File Dissent

Broyles said only “a sliver of the medical community” favors prescribing these treatments, but the ACLU-aligned medical groups are claiming most doctors agree with this practice. Few people realize that the large medical associations do not submit position statements to their entire membership for approval, Broyles said. Rather, committees put them together and send them to the board for a vote.

“These medical associations have become captive to activist professionals who made it their business to get onto the board or to get onto the critical policy-making committees,” Broyles said. “There is an effort to suppress any opposition to the ideological narrative.” Among the information that is being tamped down: puberty blockers are an “off-label” use for those drugs. “None of these treatments have been approved by the FDA … they couldn’t satisfy the requirements,” Broyles said.

Broyles expressed grave concerns over “the distorting effect … on the medical community,” damage to the public trust, and the impact on children and families. “The idea that we would hijack a child’s adolescent developing body, override their genetic operating manual, without the gold seal of appropriately controlled clinical studies … it is unjust to our children,” she said. She believes that mentally vulnerable children are being used in a mass experiment, which is “beyond the pale.”

Regardless of how the case ends, one of its most important effects might be this, Broyles said: “It finally brings to light, to put onto the public record, what these interventions actually do to children, adolescents, and young people—what they do to their developing bodies.” This article was published by The Epoch Times and can be found here.

Vernadette Broyles is the President, General Counsel, and founder of Child and Parental Rights Campaign, Inc. She is an experienced family law litigator and Guardian Ad Litem representing the best interests of children in court, and has been an advocate for student privacy, parental rights, and Title IX protections in public schools. She brings to this role her knowledge and experience in the legislative process and background in science and research. Vernadette graduated with Honors from Yale University with a bachelor of science degree in Biology, and received her law degree from Harvard Law School.

Vernadette is featured in USPIE’s recently released documentary Truth and Lies in American Education which is available to stream or to purchase on DVD at TruthandLiesFilm.us.

USPIE President Nails Interview!

On this episode of Conversations with Mark Bauerlein, USPIE President Sheri Few joins the podcast to discuss the state of public education in America and what parents can do to regain control of their schools.


USPIE MISSION United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition that seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences. Grassroots leaders from around the country are working to 1) expose the lies being taught in government schools that harm children and threaten freedom, 2) encourage parents to take back responsibility to educate their children, 3) initiate and support efforts to return complete local control of government schools, and 4) encourage states to wean themselves off the federal education dole.

USPIE VISION It is the vision of USPIE to create a culture where parents, empowered with the authority to choose what and how their children learn, are the undisputed primary educators of their children, where local schools operate in support of families, and where education is unencumbered by federal mandates.

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Call to Action: Open Letter to Kevin McCarthy

Dear Friend,

Great news! USPIE’s Open letter to Kevin McCarthy was published in Townhall.com!  You can see the article here.

Now we are asking each of you and others in your state to please send this letter to their Republican US Representatives and Senators.  

To find your Congressman, follow this link and submit your address. A list of your US Representatives and Senators will appear. You will click on “contact” under their name which will direct you to their website where you can send them an email and include the link to the Townhall article.

In your email, you can include a message like this:

Dear [Representative or Senator name here],

I am your constituent and a member of US Parents Involved in Education (USPIE). Our president wrote an Open Letter to the House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy in support of the Commitment to America with some suggested improvements. I hope you will read this Open Letter and support our ideas. Please feel free to contact me or our President Sheri Few at Sheri@uspie.org if you have questions or comments. 


[Your Name]

Thank you for helping USPIE expose the indoctrination happening in government schools. We need your help now more than ever to continue to employ our public relations firm to promote our new film Truth and Lies in American Education, and to enable USPIE to fight back against radical progressives who want to indoctrinate American children with an anti-Christian, anti-American worldview. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today to help advance the work of USPIE. 

In Christ,

Sheri Few, President

Parental Choice versus School Choice

USPIE Position Statement August 2022

The term “school choice” is inadequate to describe the proper emphasis on parental authority needed in American education. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and they should have absolute say in what and how their children learn. Parental authority over their children’s education must be restored.

USPIE suggests redefining education choice from “school choice” to “parental choice.” Parental choice includes curriculum choice where classical, technology-free, and other non-Common Core curricula are available.

The current definition of school choice means a parent is simply empowered to choose which government-regulated school their child will attend. USPIE posits that this is no choice at all. Regulations can require schools to link into the federal government’s workforce development database, impose bad standards like Common Core, impose Marxist pedagogies like critical theories, and require inappropriate sex education like sexual orientation and gender identity.

Recently, the federal government began requiring all schools receiving “Free and Reduced Lunch Money” to allow boys to use the girls’ bathroom and locker room if they identify as a girl, and vice versa. This is an example of the coercive power of government money.

School choice options such as charter schools, vouchers, Title 1 portability and education savings accounts are being proposed across the country as a means to move away from government-controlled education. However, in all these models, government remains in control, which undermines true choice. In a 1980 court case affirmed by the US Supreme Court, the federal government prevailed over Hillsdale College asserting that when an educational institution accepts students who receive government funds, it is subject to government regulation.

USPIE’s primary mission is to close the U.S. Department of Education, eliminate all federal education mandates and return local, community, and parental control of education. Thereby, USPIE is opposed to Title I portability, vouchers, education savings accounts and all federally regulated choice options.

USPIE supports the parental choice option of increasing the federal Child Tax Credit for parents who do not choose to enroll their children in government schools. USPIE supports similar tax credits on the state level. Even if not initially, all other parental choice options implemented with government funding have the potential to become regulated and could harm private, home and Christian schools.

USPIE endeavors to help parents find ways to take advantage of independent, private, and home school alternatives to government schools, and is open-minded. However, USPIE opposes school choice options based on “money follow the child” legislation.

As an all-volunteer, grassroots organization, USPIE counts on your contributions to continue to sound the alarm about the indoctrination in government schools. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today and even consider a recurring donation to support this vital work.

Donate online or mail a check to USPIE, 998 Guion Drive, Lugoff, SC 29078.

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