The Emotional and Political Manipulation of Children


Safety of students and staff in America’s schools is a major concern of parents across the country.  No one should accept school violence of any sort, from bullying to homicide. USPIE supports committed enforcement of effective laws, and implementation of policies and practices that will keep students and staff safe.

The current “School Walkout Movement” purports to be concerned about preventing student deaths. But Instead of being an authentic emotional response to shootings in schools or a genuine student-led movement, multiple reports have documented a well-financed, highly organized movement to advocate a specific political agenda — to restrict the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment to self-defense through firearms ownership.

USPIE believes students, staff, and the public are being emotionally manipulated into supporting “Gun Control” as the solution to the problem raised by the massacre in Parkland, Florida.  The Common Core-aligned social studies standards teach students to “take informed action.”  Administrators and teachers encourage students to express themselves through political activism. Those in support of the “gun control” agenda assert the “action” we need is simply restrictions on gun ownership.

Proven strategies exist for protecting our schools.  For example, professionally trained, armed plain-clothed and uniformed police, guards, and trained concealed carry staff are standard protection strategy for banks, government buildings and many community events.  Arming trained school employees has worked for South Dakota as the School Sentinel Program demonstrates.

If America is to implement policies to address school shootings, USPIE offers three.  First, an investigation to determine how the system failed, at the local, state and federal level to prevent the shooter from carrying out his plans and bring charges against officials who did not fulfill their responsibilities. Second, eliminate “Gun Free Zone” signs, as they may serve as an invitation to persons committed to hurting others.  And finally, states should allow private schools and school districts to set their own policies for allowing staff in compliance with existing firearms laws to concealed carry.

Government K-12 schools are teaching politically biased social justice values.  Students are taught the faults of America, Christianity, Western Civilization and White Men.  Sadly, children are not being taught accurate history of the United States and the reasons for American exceptionalism. They are not being taught the historic facts about hundreds of millions of unarmed people of all races murdered by their own governments in the 20th century.  Lack of historical context leads students to believe the only way they can be safe in school is to further restrict and/or take guns away from law abiding Americans.  Children deserve better.

Until policy makers implement proven school safety strategies, and until schools stop teaching politically-biased social justice values, the only way parents can raise children safely to be well educated American citizens is to teach at home or in good private schools.

Perhaps Parents should plan their own “School Walkout Movement.”

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