Call to Action


We now have a golden opportunity to STOP FED ED by ending the Department of Education and returning local control and funding to the states where it belongs.

Join us in contacting Congress about bills such as H.R.899 and H.R.1510, which is the earnest beginning of this conversation. Please contact your US Congressional Representative and ask if they will support H.R.899 & H.R.1510- to abolish the US Dept. of Ed.

Click here to find your US House Representative

Please contact your own Congressman (or any other you might know) by May 15, 2017 and ask:

– Will you show your support for H.R.899 by becoming a co-sponsor?

– Will you advocate for a hearing on H.R.899?

– Do you support H.R.1510?

Report back to us:



Congressional Representative Contacted:

Congressional Representative Comment on H.R.899/H.R.1510 (Support/Neutral/Opposed and reasons given):


Send the above information to USPIE Communications Director April Few: 

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