A Parent’s Guide to Radical Gender Theory

USPIE has been fighting against the sexualization of young children for years. We understand that schools are ground zero in the current culture war on sex education. The LGBTQ+ agenda is a political movement foisted upon schools under the guise of diversity and civil rights. This is why USPIE supports Christopher Rufo’s new Parent’s Guide to Radical Gender Theory.

USPIE believes this is a great resource for parents. Mr. Rufo discusses topics like herteronormativity, drag shows for children, transvestitism, neo-pronouns, pornography, and more.

You can read and download the entire guide here.

Grandmother fights back; announces lawsuit against Kershaw County School District in South Carolina for hiding CRT in teacher training


For Immediate Release

July 6, 2022

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Grandmother fights back; announces lawsuit against Kershaw County School District in South Carolina for hiding CRT in teacher training

News conference will be livestreamed on Facebook
Thursday, July 7, 2 p.m. EDT

CAMDEN, S.C.Sheri Few, Founder and President of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE), Executive Producer of the new film, “Truth & Lies in American Education,” and resident of Kershaw County, is announcing a lawsuit at a news conference this Thursday, July 7 against the South Carolina Kershaw County School District for hiding Critical Race Theory (CRT) in its teacher training and promoting CRT in district classrooms.

Few will be joined by parents and children for the news conference this coming Thursday in front of Kershaw County School District offices at 2 p.m. The news conference will be livestreamed on Facebook.

WHO: Sheri Few, Founder and President of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) and resident of Kershaw County, along with parents and their school children

WHAT: Announcement of the lawsuit against the Kershaw County School District to halt CRT training and promotion in the school district

WHERE: Facebook live – https://m.facebook.com/usparentsinvolvedineducation

WHEN: Thursday, July 7, 2 p.m. EDT

WHY: To let the concerned public know the school district refused to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request and continues to hide the facts about its CRT teacher training from tax-paying parents whose children attend district schools

USPIE has established 27 state chapters and is growing rapidly amid the national outcry from parents who want to regain control of their children’s education. Few is a nationally recognized leader on education policy who has spent much of the last year exposing Critical Race Theory and the schemes behind the workforce development model of education and indoctrination efforts in schools most recently in “Truth & Lies in American Education,” a film for which she is the Executive Producer.

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition that seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences. It is the vision of USPIE to create a culture where parents, empowered with the authority to choose what and how their children learn, are the undisputed primary educators of their children, where local schools operate in support of families, and where education is unencumbered by federal mandates.

For more information on United States Parents Involved in Education, visit www.uspie.org or follow USPIE on Facebook or Twitter. 


To interview a representative from United States Parents Involved in Education, contact Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, Beth Harrison, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.

Missouri Attorney General Subpoenas Seven School Districts

Earlier this month, subpoenas were issued to seven school districts by Missouri’s Attorney General. The subpoenas allege that the student surveys collect data about families’ political beliefs, income levels, racial identity, sexual behaviors, and mental health. The surveys were created by Panorama and Project Wayfinder, corporations known for promoting transformative social emotional learning, and equity and inclusion, a.k.a. Critical Race Theory.

Concerns have been expressed that SEL programs and collected data may potentially be misused with a captive and vulnerable audience for indoctrination, social and emotional engineering, to influence compliance, and to predict future behavior.

The progressives have become very bold in the information they are collecting from school children, which raised concerns from Missouri parents.

*Excerpt from The Epoch Times article*:

 “There are federal statutes that they’re not supposed to ask these questions,” said Andy Wells, the Missouri chapter president of No Left Turn in Education, a national education advocacy organization.

“The problem is that school districts, and some of the companies that are being hired by school districts, don’t care. They just ignore it. They do it anyway and if somebody doesn’t like it, you’ll have to sue them.”

Second-graders were asked, “When is the first time you noticed that people can be different races from you, what did you notice, and do you feel more comfortable around people who look like you?”

“The goal here is to teach these kids that America is a white country of white supremacy and to destroy the nuclear family,” Hermann said. “If bad actors in the progressive left are not stopped, then we’re just going to have a further divide in this country among our kids.”

In response, Schmitt has opened an investigation into the use of student surveys in Mehlville, Webster Groves, Jefferson City, Lee’s Summit R-7, Park Hill, Springfield, and Neosho schools—with an eye on violations of Missouri’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment.

*End Excerpt*

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution is an example of the intent to restrain government and fellow citizens in this regard: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Elected officials from both political parties somehow conclude that personal information collected or seized without a warrant by the federal government belongs to the government, thereby granting government the right and obligation to integrate all personal information to make it accessible to all government agencies as well as the private sector.

Student data collection is one of the many topics covered in USPIE’s newly released documentary film Truth and Lies in American Education.

USPIE’s primary mission is to close the U.S. Department of Education, repeal all federal education mandates and return control of education to parents and local communities. USPIE’s efforts include protecting the privacy of student data from government-directed collection, integration, and sharing. Big data is big business and America’s children are not for sale.

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New Federal Parent Council: The Latest Attempt to Silence Local Parents

In response to intense debates over critical race theory, masks and the LGBTQ agenda in schools nationwide, the U.S. Department of Education launched a new council to allegedly improve working relationships between parents and local school boards.

USPIE suspects their efforts are insincere and believes local schools need less federal involvement rather than more. The Feds continue to bribe states with our tax dollars to implement nefarious pedagogies from Common Core to Critical Race Theory, and now even transgenderism.

The new council was instituted just months after the Federal Justice Department and the National School Boards Association labeled parents “domestic terrorists” because they speak out at local school board meetings against materials and policies that don’t reflect their families’ values.

Most disturbing and telling of the federal government’s agenda are the members chosen to serve on the new parent council. Its members include Al Sharpton’s community organizing group, activists who lobby for the sexualization of children including gender identity theory in school, and open borders groups.

USPIE understands that the Federal government establishing this new initiative sounds great to the average citizen, but people need to understand that they stacked the council with extremely progressive individuals who are intended to represent parents. They want to control the narrative and will likely suggest parents are in favor of their liberal agenda.

This is what USPIE is up against. It is USPIE v. the Federal government and its billions of dollars (our dollars – we might add).

USPIE needs your help! We are an all-volunteer organization that counts on your support as we keep you informed about the indoctrination happening in government schools with your tax dollars.

USPIE seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences.

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Florida bill will criminalize adults who take kids to drag shows

Florida legislators are taking a stand against the LGBTQ+ community with legislation that would make it a felony to bring a child to a drag show. The bill is a direct response to a Texas bar hosting a “Drag The Kids to Pride” drag show that allowed kids to dance with performers on stage.

For years USPIE has been fighting the sexualization of children. This is why USPIE’s Truth and Lies in American Education documentary is so important, because we address these very serious issues in the film. We need your help now more than ever to continue the fight against woke indoctrination. Will you help support the work of USPIE by giving a $5 donation today? Thank you!

USPIE Official Position on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Schools are ground zero in the current culture war on sex education. The LGBTQ+ agenda is a political movement foisted upon schools under the guise of diversity and civil rights. United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) strongly opposes these efforts to confuse and sexualize America’s children.

The LGBTQ+ agenda is based on the controversial research of Alfred Kinsey. Despite the questionable nature of his findings, his work and the LGBTQ+ agenda are supported by such professional organizations as the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association, and National Association of School Psychologist. Many were co-opted into endorsing LGBTQ+ doctrines that were not supported by medical science. These organizations were led to declassify and eventually endorse a range of questionable activities, including sexual deviancy, as normal and healthy. Since then, LGBTQ+ doctrines have been integrated into America’s government schools in order to influence students beginning in Kindergarten to see LGBTQ+ doctrines as normal and healthy.

Many states have established a K-12 Health curriculum promoting LGBTQ+ doctrines and recommend a K-3 book titled Who Are You?, which introduces children to an array of genders, not just two. According to the book’s lesson plan, students work through the three layers of “The Gender Wheel” learning that “grown-ups look at a baby’s body when they are born and make a guess: boy or girl.”

These programs have little or no medical justification and, in many cases, hurt children, parents and families. Gender dysphoria shows indications of being contagious by infecting children in clusters who suddenly display gender confusion. Moreover, medically affirming treatments like hormone suppression therapy can cause children to lose their ability to have children themselves, and sex change surgery permanently disfigures young children with no evidence of benefit. Individuals who undergo sex change operations have significantly worse mental and physical health ten years after surgery and are much more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Most concerning is the fact that parents who refuse to consent to these medical treatments can lose their parental rights altogether.

​​​​​​​It is the position of USPIE that sexualizing and confusing children in government schools is outrageous and must be stopped immediately.

Parent’s Guide to How Local School Boards Work

The purpose of this is to explain, in plain language, what a school board is designed to do and the role it plays in your child’s educational experience. Each state has different rules for school boards, so you should look to find the specifics in your community, but this guide should give you a good start.


Who makes up a local school board?
A local school board of education consists of a set number of members, along with the head administrator of the school district – the Director of Schools (called “superintendent” in some areas).

How are school board members chosen for these seats? For how long?
School Board Members are elected from the school district community that particular school board serves. These are your neighbors: relatives, retirees, fellow church members, local business owners – ordinary residents. Terms of office are typically four (4) or six (6) years and elections are staggered so that the full board doesn’t come up for re-election all at once.

What are the main functions of a local school board?
The primary duty of the board is to create and approve policy for the school district as a whole (e.g., attendance, discipline, cell phone usage). School boards also make decisions on routine items such as building maintenance, adopting budgets, and approving changes to the school calendar. Like any governing body, a school board must have basic operations in place to accomplish their work: elected officers, regularly held meetings, official meeting protocols, etc. Most boards use Roberts Rules of Order procedures to conduct their meetings.

How does the role of the school board differ from that of the Director of Schools
(or superintendent)?

While the board sets policy for the district, the director of schools is responsible for managing the schools according to those policies. The Director also uses more detailed administrative rules and procedures (that should comply with board policy) to lead schools in the district. The board hires and is charged with evaluating the performance of the Director of Schools to ensure he/she is effectively working towards carrying out the vision and goals it has set for the district. In some states, the community elects its Director of Schools. In many states, the Director of Schools position is an administrative one, filled by the local school board.

How often do school boards meet and are these meetings open to the public?
Laws vary by state, but most meet monthly. These meetings must be open to the public, per the Open Meetings Law. There are two kinds of meetings, work sessions and formal meetings.

Where can I find information on these meetings?
Most school districts post meeting agendas, related documents and minutes on their website for the public to access.

How do I know which member on my local school board represents me? Where
do I find out information about these people?

In many school districts, Board Members represent the whole community. In others, Board Members may represent a particular geographic area. You can find information about school board members on each school district’s website under “Board Members.” If you cannot find the information on the district’s website, call the district office and ask them.

Can school board members be recalled or removed?
Yes. The process for this is spelled out in State law under the sections addressing the recall of local elected government officials. There are specific steps to follow, starting with a petition signed by registered voters. Check out your .gov website.

I attended a school board meeting recently and the board moved through the
agenda very quickly. Why didn’t they discuss or debate all of the agenda items?

School boards sometimes have a “work session” meeting outside of their regular meetings where they review and discuss issues in detail, but don’t actually vote on them. Also, school boards at times form committees where certain members of the board work with the director of schools or other central office staff to study a specific issue. These members then make recommendations to the full board for a vote. So, by the time the board meets for its regular “agenda” or “business” meeting where it votes on issues, many agenda items have been vetted or already studied.

I saw a section on the agenda called “consent agenda.” What is this?
A consent agenda is used most often to save time by moving the board’s business along. Items listed under the consent agenda have been shared with the members in advance to review and are typically administrative, routine, and/or non-controversial items. The consent agenda is usually placed near the top of the meeting agenda and the items listed below are all voted on in a single motion. Occasionally, the consent agenda is misused, including controversial topics the Board wants to pass “under the radar.”


How can members of the community take part in a local school board meeting?
School boards usually allow time on their meeting agendas for public comment. Each board can set its own protocol for this, but individuals typically sign in before the meeting starts and then approach the podium when their name is called during the “Public Comment” period on the agenda. Speakers are usually given a time limit so no single person dominates the meeting. This public comment period is not intended as an opportunity to debate with Board members, but rather to share information, concerns and/or leave the board with questions to reflect on. It’s not meant to be a cross-examination or “question-and-answer” session. It is an excellent way, however, to give voice to a topic and “go on record.”

If I am having a specific problem with my child’s school, should I take it before the school board?
The school board should really be the “court of last resort” a parent uses after they have tried to resolve their problem by working up the district’s chain of command. For instance, if a parent has a problem with a teacher, the parent should first address it with the teacher. If the issue is not resolved, the parent should request time with the school principal, and then the Director of Schools (superintendent). If the school remains unresponsive and/or a resolution is not reached, then an appeal to the school board is the next step.

I have just learned my child’s school district is planning to…and I am furious. What should I do?
Find like-minded parents and brainstorm. If you need more information from the school, submit a Freedom of Information Request. Information about how to make state-specific FOIA requests and other excellent resources and examples of how to address the school board are available at https://uspie.org/critical-race-theory. This link is specific to fighting Critical Race Theory, but all the resources at this link can be adapted to address any problem with your local school board.

USPIE 2022-2023 GOALS

– Work to raise sufficient funds to market and distribute Truth & Lies in American Education Documentary.

– Build and grow the USPIE network across the country.

– Empower grassroots activists to work locally with parents and local organizations.

– Use all means available to get the word out that public schools undermine the Core Family and indoctrinate children against traditional values of Faith, Family and Country.

– Encourage parents everywhere to take their children out of government schools and move  them to home or private schools.

– Encourage county leadership across the country to create Education Sanctuary Zones to protect parents, private and government schools who use real best practice education techniques and materials and refuse Federal and nefarious mandates.

– Find two states willing to stand as examples of how to shed Federal education funds and restore local control.

Horry County School Board District Ten Candidate David Warner Endorsed by USPIE Action


Contact: Sheri Few (803)420-1987

Horry County, South Carolina — United States Parents Involved in Education ACTION (USPIE Action) announced its endorsement today of South Carolina conservative candidate David Warren who seeks to serve as Horry County School District Ten Board Member.  

USPIE Action is the legislative affiliate of United States Parents Involved in Education with the shared goal of abolishing the US Department of Education and ending all federal education mandates.  

Founded in 2014, USPIE Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that exists to further the goals of freeing the nation’s schools from federal intrusion as they endeavor to impact public policy, influence elections, and support candidates who share their goal to restore local control of education to parents and communities.  

In response to the endorsement David Warner said, “We must have people on school boards who are willing to ask tough questions and understand the layers of indoctrination. We must look at how schools are failing the tax-payers because for far too long schools have made decisions behind closed doors without families and the time for that to end is June 14th.”

The incumbent in this race is happily endorsed by the SC Education Association, the affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA).

David Warner has signed the USPIE Action pledge to restore local control of education to parents and communities and end the mechanism that has forced the Common Core Standards and data-mining standardized tests on America’s schools.   

The national parent group says it looks forward to working with David Warner as a member of the Horry County School Board advising him on education policy issues.


New Light Academy Mentor Organization

by New Light Academy Director Adam Mahdavi

An argumentative and cynical spirit is eclipsing American youth.  America’s identity and memory is under assault in its most vulnerable institutions, particularly the institution of education.   This spirit is critical only for the sake of critiquing. This spirit is not one of progress and this spirit of deconstruction continues to slither into every area of American society. Bad actors teach in bad faith aiming to transform American society. 

Movements of pride and clenched fists aim to challenge the American social order. Places of employment, sports teams, and even places of worship now challenge the natural principles of progress, liberty, and success.  In these tumultuous times, we need an institution of light, new light.   Now, America needs strong pillars of light erected, now more than ever.  New Light Academy is the institution to make each student a pillar of wisdom.

Since America offers a great amount of freedom to her citizens, our citizenry needs to stand on the shoulders of Western Civilization, not misrepresent it through a racial consciousness or labels of oppression.   An honest history of America is a history of liberty as it happened. That is not saying America is perfect or has been without fault. However, acknowledging social progress gives hope for more progress. An honest look at history attempts to make students more intelligent and humane, less cruel and more persuasive, less critical.  Otherwise those that cannot think for themselves will have others thinking for them, making decisions for them that the ignorant would not otherwise make. To prevent this kind of slavery, students at New Light Academy are molded to become responsible for the liberty they have been entrusted to uphold and to cherish their right to obtain their American heritage of progress.  By this standard, our students become shining lights in America radiating liberty for themselves and those after them.

South Carolina Preparatory Academy wishes to partner with New Light Academy to build into each and every student in the commercial, family, and public virtues. This partnership aims to break the education mold to uphold and elevate education. We truly believe we need to break the tradition of education in order to preserve education in South Carolina.

So what is New Light Academy and what does it look like?  There is a beautiful answer to that. New Light Academy is a biblical mentoring program.  We partner with an online public charter school that uses a classical curriculum.  We mentor each student to meet their educational potential while developing each heart to be more like Christ. When students come to the New Light Academy campus, they are invited to discover the wonderful ideas that advanced Western Civilization.  They complete their school work, then are encouraged to participate in a biblical approach to government, moral imagination, and cultural reasoning sessions.  These sessions take place after classes which are around lunch time for most public schools.  Students can participate in that civic leadership program or they can go home for whatever they want: basketball, baseball, football, musical instruments or every child’s favorite activity: house chores. The civic leadership sessions are not mandatory.

The way New Light Academy works is with full time mentors enhancing student academic achievement. For four days a week, students come to the New Light campus, accomplish and succeed in their free, online, public, classical charter school classes with a mentor giving them encouragement, individual attention and support each day and each moment. Mentors learn the personality and individual learning needs of each student that enrolls into South Carolina Preparatory Academy, challenging each student to be independent thinkers. 

At the end of each day, students have the choice of returning home via parent pick-up (we are a drop-off only school) or they can participate for a two hours civic leadership training session.  Mentorships are carried out by biblically minded and trusted adults with New Light Academy. At the moment, we are just starting out and are in the developmental stages of New Light Academy. Many logistics have to be worked out with committed parents about schedule times and the location for the campus.

An average day at a New Light Academy campus begins with a Bible devotion every morning. Then students either log onto their computer, put on their headphones to attend their online classes or work on other classwork from another class, getting ahead of the rest of the week (in a perfect world). I heard of one student finishing all their work on Monday and having the rest of the week to become a better musician.

New Light Academy also holds these civic leadership sessions for those not enrolled in South Carolina Preparatory Academy, but those times have to be worked out with the majority of the parents who commit their children to the program.  We plan on having these separate sessions two days a week, three hours each day, focusing on Constitutional videos, civic (and civil) discussions, developing students’ moral imagination and cultural reasoning skills through online courses offered on Hillsdale College, Patriot Academy/Wallbuilders, Thomas Sowell lesson plans and Answers in Genesis online masters classes.  Why wait until the end of high school to train your child to ask and find answers to big questions about life?

Imagine the amount of repetition the average baseball, football, or basketball player exerts to become advanced in their craft.  In order to be great, not just in practice or average game, but when the game is on the line and when it matters the most.  New Light Academy believes students will be better at their unique craft when they have answers to their purpose in life. The big questions about origines, destiny, meaning, and morality matter.  New Light Academy aims to develop young leaders with similar training patterns of practice but in civic knowledge and virtue so that when those students eventually get a job, an internship, a college professor, or a position on a sports team that they radiate as shining lights by having outstanding moral character and work ethic.

At this point we have a lot of interest but very little commitments.  If there are parents who have their kids enrolled into the public school system and are looking for another option to educate their children, they are encouraged to contact New Light Academy director Adam Mahdavi. In order to become a mentor organization, at least 20 students must enroll in South Carolina Preparatory Academy by June 30th, through New Light Academy, which mentors 6th graders through 12th graders. We are working on finding a location as well as enrolling the primary 20 students into SC Prep. However in some areas, we are going to have to get the cart before the horse.

In such a day where most education institutions advance politically leftist ideology on their students, each child, whether homeschooled or private schooled, will have an attempt to challenge, critique, or interrupt their worldview.  At New Light Academy, we mentor students to weather the storm, no matter how high the floods, how hard the wind and rain blows, or how hot the fire roars; we set them to be pillars of light on the solid Rock for stormy nights. At such a time as this, we need strong pillars that shine their lights, burning brightly through each night together and forever more.

For more information about New Light Academy, visit newlightacademy.com or email Adam Mahdavi at lifelonglearnadam@gmail.com.

Proverbs 9:1

Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars:

1 Timothy 3:15

But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

Matthew 5:14-16

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is heaven.