Give To Something You Believe In

Today is Giving Tuesday – a special day to give to a mission you believe in!

​​​​​​​USPIE is not afraid to sound the alarm and expose the indoctrination in government schools, but we cannot do it alone.

USPIE counts on your contributions to advance our mission of returning education to its proper local roots and restoring parental authority over their children’s education. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today and even consider a recurring donation to support this vital work.​​​​​​​

We pray you are moved to give to an organization you truly believe in! Consider USPIE, the organization working hard to expose the indoctrination our children face every day in public schools! Give to us, not because it is the day you should, but because it is a mission you agree with.

Can you help? We are believing God to raise $5,000 this Giving Tuesday and we can’t do it without amazing supporters like you. Please consider donating to end the indoctrination of children in America’s classrooms!

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