Conservative School Board Training Alternatives

Elections were last week and school boards have been overturned all over the country. In Berkeley County, South Carolina parents flipped the school board. At their first meeting they voted to fire the Superintendent and the board attorney. They also had resolutions on the agenda to decrease the property tax, ban the teaching of critical race theory in any form, and to establish a committee to evaluate inappropriate sexual/pornographic content. They even did away with the chairs being 6 feet apart. USPIE considers this a huge win!

​​​​​​​Good, conservative school board candidates have been elected, but now they will be required to attend school board orientation and training that aims to indoctrinate them into believing they have no authority. 

USPIE is excited to share and recommends the following alternative trainings and associations:

1. Family Policy Foundation – School Board Academy (this training is Biblically-based)

2. National School Boards Leadership Council

3. School Board Training – The Heritage Foundation

Also, several states that withdrew from the National School Board Association have formed a new coalition: COSSBA- Consortium of State School Boards Associations.

USPIE has guides and resources on our website to help parents navigate and learn how their local school boards function! USPIE also provides templates for school board policy prohibiting Critical Race Theory. View Resources Here.

USPIE is thrilled to shine a light on Christians seeking to put God back in the American classroom. As an all-volunteer, grassroots organization, USPIE counts on your financial support to promote the newly released documentary Truth and Lies in American Education. Your contributions help USPIE gain more national attention as we fight to protect children and America’s freedom. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today and even consider a recurring donation to support this vital work.

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Thank you!

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