Call to Action: Open Letter to Kevin McCarthy

Dear Friend,

Great news! USPIE’s Open letter to Kevin McCarthy was published in!  You can see the article here.

Now we are asking each of you and others in your state to please send this letter to their Republican US Representatives and Senators.  

To find your Congressman, follow this link and submit your address. A list of your US Representatives and Senators will appear. You will click on “contact” under their name which will direct you to their website where you can send them an email and include the link to the Townhall article.

In your email, you can include a message like this:

Dear [Representative or Senator name here],

I am your constituent and a member of US Parents Involved in Education (USPIE). Our president wrote an Open Letter to the House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy in support of the Commitment to America with some suggested improvements. I hope you will read this Open Letter and support our ideas. Please feel free to contact me or our President Sheri Few at if you have questions or comments. 


[Your Name]

Thank you for helping USPIE expose the indoctrination happening in government schools. We need your help now more than ever to continue to employ our public relations firm to promote our new film Truth and Lies in American Education, and to enable USPIE to fight back against radical progressives who want to indoctrinate American children with an anti-Christian, anti-American worldview. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today to help advance the work of USPIE. 

In Christ,

Sheri Few, President

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