New Federal Parent Council: The Latest Attempt to Silence Local Parents

In response to intense debates over critical race theory, masks and the LGBTQ agenda in schools nationwide, the U.S. Department of Education launched a new council to allegedly improve working relationships between parents and local school boards.

USPIE suspects their efforts are insincere and believes local schools need less federal involvement rather than more. The Feds continue to bribe states with our tax dollars to implement nefarious pedagogies from Common Core to Critical Race Theory, and now even transgenderism.

The new council was instituted just months after the Federal Justice Department and the National School Boards Association labeled parents “domestic terrorists” because they speak out at local school board meetings against materials and policies that don’t reflect their families’ values.

Most disturbing and telling of the federal government’s agenda are the members chosen to serve on the new parent council. Its members include Al Sharpton’s community organizing group, activists who lobby for the sexualization of children including gender identity theory in school, and open borders groups.

USPIE understands that the Federal government establishing this new initiative sounds great to the average citizen, but people need to understand that they stacked the council with extremely progressive individuals who are intended to represent parents. They want to control the narrative and will likely suggest parents are in favor of their liberal agenda.

This is what USPIE is up against. It is USPIE v. the Federal government and its billions of dollars (our dollars – we might add).

USPIE needs your help! We are an all-volunteer organization that counts on your support as we keep you informed about the indoctrination happening in government schools with your tax dollars.

USPIE seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences.

Please consider a one-time donation today to help us continue our work. Or better yet, consider a recurring monthly donation of any amount.

Thank you in advance for your support as we work together to protect children and our country’s freedom!

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