Horry County School Board District Ten Candidate David Warner Endorsed by USPIE Action


Contact: Sheri Few (803)420-1987

Horry County, South Carolina — United States Parents Involved in Education ACTION (USPIE Action) announced its endorsement today of South Carolina conservative candidate David Warren who seeks to serve as Horry County School District Ten Board Member.  

USPIE Action is the legislative affiliate of United States Parents Involved in Education with the shared goal of abolishing the US Department of Education and ending all federal education mandates.  

Founded in 2014, USPIE Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that exists to further the goals of freeing the nation’s schools from federal intrusion as they endeavor to impact public policy, influence elections, and support candidates who share their goal to restore local control of education to parents and communities.  

In response to the endorsement David Warner said, “We must have people on school boards who are willing to ask tough questions and understand the layers of indoctrination. We must look at how schools are failing the tax-payers because for far too long schools have made decisions behind closed doors without families and the time for that to end is June 14th.”

The incumbent in this race is happily endorsed by the SC Education Association, the affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA).

David Warner has signed the USPIE Action pledge to restore local control of education to parents and communities and end the mechanism that has forced the Common Core Standards and data-mining standardized tests on America’s schools.   

The national parent group says it looks forward to working with David Warner as a member of the Horry County School Board advising him on education policy issues.


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