USPIE Action Endorses Lauren Martel for South Carolina Attorney General


Contact: Sheri Few (803)420-1987,

Education in America has become blatantly woke but thank God parents and freedom-loving Americans are fighting back. There is a war being waged for the minds and souls of America’s children and it is a war of good vs. evil. We implore you to put on your armor and join the battle for good.

If you don’t have children in government schools – or even grandchildren – the liberal indoctrination of children in America should concern you. If we don’t stop the Marxist agenda laden throughout the educational spectrum, we will lose our very freedom. That is the end goal of the Marxists who have taken over nearly all our countries’ institutions.

Even in states like South Carolina, which has a supermajority Republican legislature and Republicans hold every constitutional office, the woke agenda permeates the curriculum.

Untold evidence of the pornography and the Marxist Critical Race Theory has been provided to those in political leadership in South Carolina and yet there has been zero action, particularly on behalf of the Attorney General. New leadership is necessary to protect children and our country’s freedom.

USPIE Action is an affiliate of US Parents Involved in Education who is leading the fight against the sexualization of children, anti-American and anti-Christian propaganda, fake history, and the Marxist critical theories embedded across the curriculum at every grade level.

USPIE Action is pleased to endorse Lauren Martel for Attorney General in the Republican Primary June 14th. Martel has proven her commitment to protecting children and our country’s freedom while the current leadership simply placates parents during an election cycle and does nothing to stop the liberal indoctrination under their watch. What is being taught in South Carolina schools violates the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution, and federal and state obscenity laws. It is well within the Attorney General’s power and authority to eradicate this situation and their lack of action should cause South Carolinians to choose new leadership.

It is time to defend South Carolina parents and taxpayers, stand up to the education lobby and end the liberal indoctrination of children in South Carolina’s government schools. Vote for Lauren Martel for Attorney General in the Republican Primary June 14th.

If you haven’t seen the new documentary film titled Truth & Lies in American Education released by US Parents Involved in Education just a few weeks ago, please go to the website and check it out and share with others. We need to inform and motivate a grassroots army to stop the child abuse happening in America’s classrooms!


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