Parents across the country are incredibly frustrated with government school leadership. Parents are systematically being pushed out of a decision-making role despite the fact most states have laws ensuring parental authority over their children. Moreover, school districts across the country are lying to parents and the community.

Some of the most egregious examples include:

– Children being taught about gender alternatives and encouraged to claim a gender counter to reality without parental notification

– Children being frightened about dying from COVID, required to wear a mask to avoid death, and punished if their mask falls off or is removed

– Schools that have adopted Critical Theory, including Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, Critical Feminist Theory, and Critical Queer Theory into school lessons without informing parents and lying about its inclusion

– A well-known candidate for Governor insists parents should have no role in directing the education of their children and doubled down in a subsequent media interview

America’s parents are becoming more and more aware of the truth, and they want the indoctrination and manipulation of their children to stop. Most parents trusted government schools but are now realizing this trust was misplaced and they are mad. Community members are angry their tax dollars are being used to teach divisive philosophies and blatantly wrong information.

The National School Boards Association (NSBA), in its call for federal investigations and sanctions against parents who want authority over what their children learn, have proven their allegiance to leftist pedagogy at all costs. Their claims of violence are unfounded. U.S. Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) does not condone violence but shouting at a school board meeting is not violence. Shouting may be the most appropriate response when the school board arbitrarily cuts off community comments. Threats of physical harm are also inappropriate, but threats to remove people from office or threats of mass exodus from the school are not acts of violence. Nor is protesting in public spaces with signs. If some people become concerned or feel unsafe, local law enforcement is best equipped to respond.

Why are school districts across the country behaving in this similar way, systematically pushing parents out while simultaneously attempting to indoctrinate children to accept socialism, reject the laws of biology, accept racist thinking, become social justice warriors and more? It is not surprising that American parents are responding similarly without some spurious national terrorist organization providing a coordinated strategy. The idea that the National School Board Association would call for the US Department of Justice to label objecting parents “domestic terrorists” is ludicrous and itself an example of creating an explosive situation.

USPIE sincerely hopes local communities and their local school leadership begin to have more constructive conversations, moving back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and the virtues that have made America a great country. But if that does not happen fast, USPIE supports parents who pull their kids out of public schools. Perhaps a mass exodus would open some eyes, but more importantly, parents can keep their children safe and stop fighting the corrupt system.

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