Outstanding South Dakota Resolution Celebrating Black History Month

South Dakota Representative Phil Jensen introduced a resolution celebrating Black history that other states should adopt.

While it seems more and more school districts are beginning to use the Black Lives Matter curriculum, many parents are furious and don’t know how to combat this psychological manipulation of children using the color of their skin. The Black Lives Matter curriculum “teaches” white government school students the concept of “white privilege” by having students claim and denounce their own “white privilege.” This is child abuse. 

The 1619 project, published by the New York Times, claims “anti-black racism,” slavery, systemic oppression, and other evils are embedded “in the very DNA” of America. If, as alleged, America’s very DNA is evil, there can be no change in policy and no possible transformation that would make the nation redeemable. In short, under the view put forth by the Times and its project, the only possible conclusion is that America must die so that something new can replace it. That is the objective. The 1619 Project is being taught in government schools!

The complete version of Representative Jensen’s beautifully written, nine-page resolution can be found on the website (uspie.org), and here is an excerpt:

WHEREAS, by 1804, every northern state had passed laws for the abolition of slavery; and

WHEREAS, in 1807, the United States became the first nation in theworld to sign a law banning the slave trade, with Great Britain doing so shortly thereafter; and while the British law went into effect two months before that of the United States, it contained major loopholes, which the United States law did not, causing the United States to be the first nation in the world with an immediate ban on the slave trade; and

WHEREAS, beginning in 1819, the United States dispatched and maintained a naval presence off the coast of Africa to prevent other nations from taking slaves out of Africa, and United States naval vessels intercepted and turned back numerous ships from other countries, continuing this effort until the outbreak of the Civil War, when those ships were called home to fight the southern slave-holding Confederacy; and

WHEREAS, the United States was not a major world leader in the African slave trade; for of the 12.7 million Africans involuntarily removed from Africa and sold into slavery from 1501-1875, 46 percent were made slaves in Portuguese holdings, 26 percent in English holdings, 11 percent in French holdings, 8 percent in Spanish holdings, and 4 percent in Dutch holdings, while only 2.4 percent were brought to the United States; and

WHEREAS, of the nearly 200 nations in the world today, 94 still have not criminalized slavery or the slave trade; and

WHEREAS, there are currently 40 million slaves in the world—three times more than were taken in the entire 400 year history of the transatlantic African slave trade; and

WHEREAS, the United States is ranked as one of the top nations in the world when it comes to fighting slavery, the slave trade, and human trafficking;

Parents across the country are fed up with these division tactics. USPIE will lead the way for parents to take back their local schools. We need more people to stand up to the indoctrination happening in government schools. USPIE thanks Representative Phil Jensen for offering a positive and accurate approach to teaching history in government schools. 

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition that seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences.

Grassroots leaders from around the country will work to 1) expose the lies being taught in government schools that harm children and threaten freedom, 2) encourage parents to take back responsibility to educate their children, 3) initiate and support efforts to return complete local control of government schools, and 4) encourage states to wean themselves off the federal education dole.

Follow USPIE on social media and click the button to learn more about our Truth and Lies in American Education documentary project.

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