Petition to Close Ineffective Federal Department of Education

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Today is the Day!

Let President Trump know where you stand.

Please take a moment to sign and share the petition to close the wasteful and ineffective Federal Department of Education. The time is now to stop the federal experiment with education and return control to parents and local communities.

Dear Mr. President,

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition of state leaders focused on returning control of education to parents and local communities by eradicating federal intrusion. In light of the strong and repeated evidence that federal involvement in education has hurt rather than helped American children, USPIE has made it its mission to abolish the United States Department of Education (USED) and end all federal education mandates. This will localize the school curriculum, strengthen the teaching force in public schools, and reverse the trend of declining student achievement.

Hundreds of thousands of parents praised your dissent of Jeb Bush and other education bureaucrats, and were hopeful of your comments on ending federal involvement in education when you said on the campaign trail “education has to be run locally.”

On this 40th anniversary of USED and 10th anniversary of the Common Core Standards Initiative, USPIE believes America’s education system is in severe disarray. Despite Secretary DeVos’s arduous work over the past three years, Common Core remains intact in every state although often rebranded. Intrusive Federal mandates continue to stifle both local and parental control as well as innovation.

USPIE requests that you promote H.R.899, which is a bill to terminate the Department of Education and end all federal education mandates. USPIE developed a Blueprint that provides clear explanations and steps to achieve these goals based on research by the CATO and Independent Institute. The Blueprint has been shared extensively with elected officials in Washington D.C. and USPIE is encouraging members of Congress to co-sponsor H.R.899 and to call for a hearing on the bill.

USPIE supports your “America First” philosophy and your campaign promises that have generated so much enthusiasm. USPIE is hopeful that you will consider working with us to reform America’s public education system by first abolishing the Federal Department of Education and ending all federal education mandates. Together we can accomplish much and make American education great again.


U.S. Parents Involved in Education Leadership Team

We need as many of you to participate as possible in order to get this trending. We are grateful to have made it this far, but we’re not done yet!

Sign Here and Don’t Forget to Share!

4 thoughts on “Petition to Close Ineffective Federal Department of Education

  1. This petition is very timely. The children are already out of the public (cesspools) schools. Now is the perfect time to close the unconstitutional Department of Education by calling a vote on H.R. 899 and pushing for its passing in both Chambers. We are providing support in prayer and in spreading the word about this effort through our social media channels. Praise the Lord! Let’s keep the children out!
    Lizzy Cohen


  2. We all would like to see the board of education closed down for good. They do nothing for the children it’s time for them to goes. All it’s become is one big Union that does nothing but push there views down on our children


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