USPIE Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Position Statement

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Schools are ground zero in the current culture war on sex education. The LGBTQ+ agenda is a political movement foisted upon schools under the guise of diversity and civil rights. United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) strongly opposes these efforts to confuse and sexualize America’s children.

The LGBTQ+ agenda is based on the controversial research of Alfred Kinsey. Despite the questionable nature of his findings, his work and the LGBTQ+ agenda are supported by such professional organizations as the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association, and National Association of School Psychologist.  Many were co-opted into endorsing LGBTQ+ doctrines that were not supported by medical science.  These organizations were led to declassify and eventually endorse a range of questionable activities, including sexual deviancy, as normal and healthy.  Since then, LGBTQ+ doctrines have been integrated into America’s government schools in order to influence students beginning in Kindergarten to see LGBTQ+ doctrines as normal and healthy.

Many states have established a K-12 Health curriculum promoting LGBTQ+ doctrines and recommend a K-3 book titled Who Are You?, which introduces children to an array of genders, not just two. According to the book’s lesson plan, students work through the three layers of “The Gender Wheel” learning that “grown-ups look at a baby’s body when they are born and make a guess: boy or girl.”

These programs have little or no medical justification and, in many cases, hurt children, parents and families. Gender dysphoria shows indications of being contagious by infecting children in clusters who suddenly display gender confusion. Moreover, medically affirming treatments like hormone suppression therapy can cause children to lose their ability to have children themselves, and sex change surgery permanently disfigures young children with no evidence of benefit. Individuals who undergo sex change operations have significantly worse mental and physical health ten years after surgery and are much more likely to commit suicide than the general population.  Most concerning is the fact that parents who refuse to consent to these medical treatments can lose their parental rights altogether.

It is the position of USPIE that sexualizing and confusing children in government schools is outrageous and must be stopped immediately.

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