Teachers Required by Law to Positively Promote LGBT Lifestyle to Students

AB493 picture

Instead of affirming children in their biological bodies and supporting youth to live lifestyles that promote optimal health outcomes, the California State Assembly says that if a young boy thinks he is a girl everyone should encourage that child to transition to a girl. The California State Assembly passed AB-493 “Teachers: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupil resources and training” by an alarming vote of 61 to 0.  AB 493 is a mandatory training bill for public and charter school teachers for LGBT inclusivity and sensitivity.  If this bill passes the State Senate, teachers will be tracked and monitored to ensure they are positively promoting the LGBT lifestyle with students in publicly-funded schools. Are teachers okay with this? Are parents okay with this?

 Key information:

The materials and resources used to train teachers will be provided by progressive LGBTQ groups.

Teachers will be instructed to use preferred pronouns to address students, to stop referring to students by their biological genders as boys and girls, and to teach sexual orientation and various gender identities.

Under AB 493, schools would be required to develop training curriculum for teachers in direct “consultation with leading experts in supporting LGBTQ pupils.”

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3 thoughts on “Teachers Required by Law to Positively Promote LGBT Lifestyle to Students

  1. When did the TAX PAYER get to vote on this? We tax payer should’ve VOTED since its pulled from OUR pockets!! And since when is HOMOSEXUALITY a part of education. Its an interruption of one’s education and will ONLY continue to disrupt. Go to you own bathroom and dress and be as you wish but it has NOTHING to do with EDUCATING!! Keep or the distractions and focus on or failed education system. Our children are doomed if this AB493 is not ELIMINATED!!


    1. I am so against this in school system. Let me know what petition I can sign. This is WRONG!! How could you be a teacher and promote this wrongdoing. I couldn’t.


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