Equality Act Increases Inequality


We call on you to kindly remind your Congressman that HR5 is NOT an equality act. Some members may vote yes because the bill title is tempting!

Frustrating that our elected officials have become so superficial. Please call or email your Congressman!

“Equality Act (H.R. 5)—Next week, the House will vote on the Equality Act (H.R. 5). This mistitled bill would actually create greater inequality, hurting women and individuals of faith—ironically, two out of the five groups that the Civil Rights Act was created to protect.

We need all hands on deck to curb Republican defections on this bill that, if signed into law, would force schools (both public and private), churches, hospitals, businesses, and other institutions to recognize an individuals ‘chosen gender’ instead of their biological sex.”

Please make sure to call your congressman about this dangerous liberal bill.

Visit USPIE.org and Join the Movement to Stop Fed Ed!

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