Trump Administration Proposes Federal “School Choice” Program



President Trump briefly announced a federal “school choice” proposal in his State of the Union address. Many Americans support parental rights in selecting educational options for their children. American parents are also frustrated that they pay high taxes in support of government schools and then pay out of pocket for private schools or homeschooling. The idea of a federally-supported program that allows parents to redirect their tax money to alternative government, private and home schooling options is very attractive.

USPIE suggests the term “school choice,” when thoughtfully considered, is inadequate to describe the proper emphasis of authority necessary to right the education ship. Parents are a child’s first teacher and should have absolute say in what and how their children learn. USPIE asserts families must restore parental authority over children’s education, and restore “parental choice.” Parental choice is not limited to choosing a building, a level of discipline, or a supplementary emphasis. Parental choice means curriculum choice where classical, technology-free, religious-based, non-Common Core curricula are available.

USPIE’s primary mission is to end the U.S. Department of Education and all federal education mandates returning local, community and parental control of education. Thereby, USPIE is opposed to ALL federally-regulated “school choice” options.

Many families who don’t trust government schools might benefit from a federal school tax credit that would allow them to retain more of their taxable income, afford for one parent to stay home to raise their children and homeschool, or afford a private school of their choice not limited by government funding regulations. There may be a way for parents to keep their own money to spend as they see fit to raise their children with no government involvement. We are anxious to be part of that solution.  But government-enabled school choice is not parental choice.

Please join USPIE in telling the Trump Administration to support true “parental choice.”

Please consider making a small donation to USPIE, a national, parent-led education policy group with the mission of ending the US Dept. of Ed and ALL federal education mandates. USPIE has 501(c)(3) non-profit status which makes all contributions tax deductible. DONATE TODAY!

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2 thoughts on “Trump Administration Proposes Federal “School Choice” Program

  1. Current news that can and should kill HB1104This could not come at a better time. Trump’s plan for school children. A plan the puts parents in control of there children’s learning


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