Breaking: Special Education Report by The New American

The New American Special Report

The New American magazine has published a Special Report on Education. This report exposes the horrors taking place in government schools, the wonders of alternatives, and the need for parents to protect their children.

This will explain just about everything you need to know about education, including sex education which was birthed from the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organization.

Eye-opening articles written by Alex Newman, Dr. Duke Pesta, and Israel Wayne NEED to be read by state and local education officials, legislators, teachers, moms and dads, pastors… there isn’t one person who wouldn’t benefit from this shocking information.


Alex Newman and Dr. Pesta are hoping to distribute 1 million copies of this issue and we need your help. You can place your order today at

You even save when you buy in bulk!

jbs mag snip

Several USPIE Leadership members and PIE chapter presidents have already placed their orders and plan to disseminate copies across the country.

We need the grassroots folks’ help to get this into the hands of everyone you know!

Thank you for your help spreading this critical information, and God Bless.


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