USPIE October 2018 Newsletter

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  • Attend your local school Parent-Teacher meetings (PTO or PTA). Learn how they differ. Consider running for an office.
  • Attend your local school board meetings. Get to know at least one school board member.
  • Develop a rapport with your district officials and make public comment to an issue. Make it a point to get to know your principal and support your teacher while making them better informed with proven facts and valid opinions.  Be sure to explain how US Dept of Education is affecting local control. Email them your testing Opt Out letter. (We recommend taking multiple copies, one for the office, counselor, principal and all their teachers. The parents should have a copy for themselves which the receptionist should sign and date as having received, including a reference to the copies.)
  • Run for your local school board and/or volunteer on someone’s campaign.
  • Write a letter to the editor and/or go on a local radio program to talk about Education issues of today.
  • Hold informal coffee chats with other parents to answer questions and concerns about the effects of Refusing tests/Opting Out.
  • Regardless of which party you prefer, consider becoming more involved in your local political party. This is also a great networking opportunity to inform other about Education matters. Anyone may attend county party central committee meetings, as a guest.
  • Develop a presence and rapport with elected officials and candidates. Volunteer on a campaign- it’s an education like no other. If you are not sure where to start, please ask us and we can refer you to some good campaigns.
  • If all else fails, then it may be time to use other options including private school or homeschooling, but it still pays to get involved!





USPIE Open Letter to President Trump

“Since her appointment, Secretary DeVos has used the hammer of the Federal government to broaden its authority and disregard the rights of states and parents.
Three actions in particular demonstrate this disregard:
  • threatening states abiding by state parental rights laws through the ESSA plan approval process,
  • recommending the merger of the Departments of Education and Labor fundamentally shifting the purpose of education to “workforce development”,
  • and now, endorsing the G20’s Declaration enshrining the UN’s education agenda, which undermines not only parents and states, but the fundamental sovereignty of the United States.” 


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Why Stop Fed Ed? Resources
The USPIE Research Committee developed flyers to be used as a resource for
educating people and answering some of the frequently asked questions.
This month we are featuring the flyer specific to employers.
All flyers are available on


If the Department of Education is closed, how will that help small businesses?

Whether in elementary school, middle/junior high, or in senior high- students are supposed to be the clients- not big government or big business. We should be making decisions and evaluating our programs based on their needs. The small business community is the backbone of America and has an interest in quality education, but our schools were not created to serve business and certainly not to breed crony-capitalism. Our educational policies must be based on local control, and not top-down government that big business has been pushing.
Our American education system has traditionally been developed on the premise that a child’s past did not have to determine his future. But the practice of collecting data from pre-school through college/career (P-20W data systems), and then using that data to peg children into selecting their career paths before they even begin high school is flat out wrong. It is improper to expect 12-13 year old students to make such life decisions, and basing their educational pathways on uninformed choices. We need a society that has well-rounded education that includes the creative arts and music, and should not be limited to the utilitarian skills that one merely needs to do a job.
Education should not be about mere workforce development, and children are more than just being cogs in the planned managed economy. USPIE believes that if real education quality can be restored, that students will be more solutions-oriented workers that will result in better innovation. There is very little true critical thinking skills in customer service today, and students are being geared up towards being “good little worker bees”. Ultimately, we do not believe that slippery slope of the private-public partnership of crony capitalism and corporate-elitism bodes society well. We support a restoration of a Public Education system where local control prevails, and where parents are empowered. Businesses will then see a better return on their investments.





General Elections are fast approaching. It’s time to pressure candidates to
commit to returning education to parents and local communities.
Urge your candidates to sign the Stop Fed Ed Pledge!
USPIE will put candidates who sign the pledge on our website,
and also issue a press release on their behalf.





If you are willing to support our mission, any contribution goes directly to our Stop Fed Ed campaign. There’s no better group than USPIE to lead this fight. USPIE is the ONLY national, parent-led education policy group with the mission of ending the US Dept. of Ed and ALL federal education mandates. The leaders in our organization truly understand the problems with the progressive agenda being pushed in American public schools because they’ve all been in the fight for decades. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Will you make a small $5 donation today?



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