Texas Rally Against LGBT Agenda!

By Texas Parents Involved in Education President Tracy Shannon

People of faith and for religious freedom are needed to stand up and speak for what we believe in here in Mansfield, TX.

The rabid LGBT activists have sent their forces in from all over the country to put pressure on the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) to indoctrinate the children in elementary through high school with the LGBT agenda.

While parents in the district have supported the district putting a teacher on leave after she continued to push LGBT ideology on the elementary children in her art class, the media and LGBT activists have seized this opportunity to push even harder for exclusive gender-identity and sexual-orientation policies within the district…things like making boys’ rooms accessible to girls and girls’ rooms accessible to boys who aren’t happy with their God-given gender and policies that would punish those with deeply held religious convictions that do not support the LGBT lifestyles.

This story has made some headlines already and has conservatives and evangelicals happy to see that some parents stood up. But I just found out that the LGBT brought in activists from out of state to speak and were very close in number to those in the community that spoke in support of the board for putting the indoctrinator (formerly referred to as “art teacher”) on leave.

We need to get our people out, we need Op Eds written to support this district and to stand against the indoctrination. Please share, or copy and paste this information so we can support the parents and the district that stood against LGBT indoctrination in schools.

We need people to show up on

May 22nd at 7PM at

Mansfield Performing Arts Center (rooms 1-4)

1110 Debbie Ln, Mansfield, TX 76063.

The teacher that was put on leave is demanding that MISD adopt LGBT policies. We need to make a stand and make it clear to the LGBT activists: DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS CHILDREN.

Please join the TXPIE Facebook group!

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