These California Homeschoolers Fought Back and Won!


Over 1,000 homeschoolers took over the 3rd and 4th floor of the California State Capitol April 25th to oppose AB 2756, a bill meant to segregate their personal data from that of other private schools and publicize it on the California Department of Education website… AND THE BILL DIED.

Parents and students lined up one by one, and for over three hours, voiced their opposition to AB 2756. When the committee voted later that evening, not one legislator made a motion in support of the bill. Without a motion, there was no vote, and the bill died.

These Californians stood up for the right to educate their own kids without government meddling!

What a fabulous victory for homeschooling and liberty loving Americans throughout California! You homeschoolers are an example to us all!

Join the California Parents Involved in Education Facebook group to get involved and stay informed!

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