NO National Data System!


November 13, 2017

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy-making Act (FEPA), sponsored by Speaker Paul Ryan, is scheduled for a vote Wednesday, Nov. 15th.

Introduced by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray, HR4174 takes a step toward establishing a Policy-making National Data System on all American citizens.

HR4174​ ​is another federal bill that will weaken parental ​and citizen ​authority and give the federal government flexibility to gather any data on any citizen on any topic they want, to answer their desired policy questions.

​Many organizations have reviewed the legislation and came to the same conclusion, including attorneys at American Principles Project.

​HR4174 was developed in response to the report by the Commission on Evidence-Based Policy-making (CEP). The justification is to monitor the effectiveness of federal programs, ​however no evidence is provided to:

  • ​      demonstrate that the federal government has the capacity to use evidence in policy development
  •       demonstrate the federal government has the capacity to protect personal data
  •    ​   demonstrate the federal government has the capacity to collect data accurately in the first place

​And just a few recent examples of system hacking, mistakes leading to citizen deaths, and the inappropriate use of data and authority by the IRS, ​make it clear, the government has a terrible track record for gathering, protecting and using data about American citizens.

Let the members of the House Oversight Committee know that you don’t want this bill.

Contact your member of Congress and tell them to vote NO on HR 4174!

Visit and Join the Movement to Stop Fed Ed!

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