What is the Cost of Complying with Federal Education Mandates?


Bureaucrats at every level seem to think there is no way a school can operate without federal money even though, on average, less than 10% of a state’s K-12 education budget comes from the inefficient federal government.

The North Carolina legislature has proposed a bill to study the costs for local schools to comply with federal education funding mandates. Senate bill 78 states that no later than January 15, 2018, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction will study and provide data to the General Assembly on these costs.

The bill also establishes a Joint Legislative Study Commission on Efficiency and Cost-Savings in State Government which will consist of five senators appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and five representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House.

The Commission will “study whether there are obsolete programs, cost-reduction opportunities, or any cases where existing funds can be redirected to meet new and changing demands for public services.”

This is an effectual bill that will hopefully bring about the truth: that the federal government’s involvement in local education is burdensome and wasteful. The cost of implementing Common Core in North Carolina alone shows huge imposition.

The USPIE Research Committee is working on a blueprint to determine which programs under the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated, which are beneficial and should be implemented on the state level, and what the costs are for each program. USPIE enthusiastically offers to work in partnership with the NC federal education cost study commission to share findings and solutions.

Please visit uspie.org and Join the Movement to Stop Fed Ed!

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