A New Generation of Global-Ready Graduates

01 Agenda 2030

By: North Dakota PIE President Ida Frueh and Communications Director April Few

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute recently released an analysis of the 17 ESSA Accountability Plans submitted to the US Department of Education (USED).

The analysis read, “For each of the three objectives, states can earn grades of strong, medium, or weak. Three states—Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois—earn strong ratings across the board. Four others—Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Tennessee, and Vermont—receive two strong marks and one medium. Only one state, North Dakota, misses the mark entirely, earning three weak ratings.”

Our North Dakota PIE President, Ida Frueh, is deeply puzzled by this rating saying, “doesn’t Bill Gates like globalism?” Ida has been warning North Dakota leadership about the dangers of the push for globalized education. She urged the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction to delay the submission of their ESSA Accountability Plan, but was told the state had to submit their plan to begin implementation.

You see, North Dakota

  1. encourages education summits where United Nations promoting speakers present ideas to transform education and turn students into “global citizens”;

  2. provides teachers the School Retool training they need to “hack” problems and “shadow” students so that in 5 to 10 years all North Dakota schools will be “re-imagined”;

  3. is pushing schools to use Project Based Learning that has no empirical proof it works and may take 10 to 15 years to see results;

  4. is implementing personalized learning which is all computerized;

  5. is using the Next Generation Science Standards under which evolution and environmentalism dominate science instruction;

  6. still has Common Core, only re-branded;

  7. requires students to be “Choice Ready” by 2030 which involves students choosing a career path that aligns to the global workforce and the College and Career Readiness Standards.

So, if Fordham is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other John Dewey replicas, why was North Dakota given a bad rating? How can their plan be a failure when they’re following the Obama-era White House Next Generation High School blueprint?

Is North Dakota’s ESSA accountability plan not progressive enough? What is in store for North Dakota’s schools if it continues down this path of pleasing the globalist agenda for better ratings? Parents beware and be vigilant!

United States Parents Involved in Education is fighting the not-so-hidden progressive agenda to dumb down America through education. Get involved, visit uspie.org and Join the Movement to Stop Fed Ed!

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