Big Brother Wants Control of Vulnerable Children

Upset children

The U.S. Department of Education (Department) is telling parents it is their job to protect the civil rights of children. Recently the Department released a policy guide to states, school districts, and child welfare agencies regarding foster care provisions in the Every Student Succeeds Act ESSA. Along with the guidance “ensuring educational stability for children in foster care,” Big Brother broadens the subject to talk about protecting the civil rights of all students.

The Constitution safeguards students’ civil rights and if anyone is to issue guidance on this it should be Congress. Yet again, Secretary King and his liege men undermine Congress, first with the radical transgender directive and now with this unnecessary civil rights guidance.

Each State’s Constitution requires it to provide a form of free, public education and the federal government’s involvement should be minimal if at all, however, the Department frequently publishes guidance and teaching strategies on policy issues. States and local governments are free to adopt or ignore these recommendations, but funding could be withheld if the school districts choose to bypass these practices. In essence, it’s a bribe; the Department is saying regardless of what the law says follow these rules or we will withhold your money.

Federal funds tied to federal mandates are dangerous. United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nationwide coalition of activists fighting to eradicate federal mandates and restore local control of education. Join the movement to Stop Fed Ed by visiting today.


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